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Hughes County Levy Rates

District Code School District Levy Rate
ALL J-1 Allen: Allen City 80.42
ATI35 I-35 Hold: Atwood City 86.31
ATJ1 J-1 Allen: Atwood City 80.42
BUT J-15 Butner: Butner City 82.47
CAL I-48 Calvin: Calvin City 77.87
DUS J-54 Graham: Dustin City 72.53
GER I-48 Calvin: Gerty City 77.87
HOL I-35 Hold: Holdenville City 86.31
I-1 I-1 Moss 86.81
I-35 I-35 Hold 86.31
I-48 I-48 Calvin 77.87
I-5 I-5 Wetumka 89.55
I-54 I-54 Stuart 88.60
J-1 J-1 Allen 80.42
J-10 J-10 Sasakwa 101.84
J-15 J-15 Butner 82.47
J-2 J-2 Wewoka 113.75
J-31 J-31 Weleetka 106.00
J-54 J-54 Graham 72.53
LAM I-1 Moss: Lamar City 86.81
SPA I-35 Hold: Spaulding City 86.31
STU I-54 Stuart: Stuart City 88.60
WET I-5 Wetumka: Wetumka City 89.55
YEA I-35 Hold: Yeager City 86.31